Social mapping for groups’ capacity building on nutrition

7The 2nd round social mapping with 100 groups is done in this reporting period from July to December 13. The purpose of this 2nd term social mapping was to assess the change of the community on their social condition, nutrition status, communication system, household assets, vitamin A intake, pregnancy/under five children, need of counseling, etc. 2100 BEAM beneficiaries, 500 of their husbands and 500 mothers-in-law (MIL) representatives have participated in this mapping process and BEAM staff have facilitated the sessions. They have reviewed their previously sketched map in the pvc sheet indicating their social structures and BEAM beneficiaries home location. This reviewed map would help the beneficiaries as well as project staff to look at a glance on the overall change in their family conditions. Previously BEAM has conducted the 1st round social mapping in 100 communities where the total participants were around 3000-3100 including the BEAM beneficiaries, their husbands and also some other community people. Prior, BEAM has conducted a 3 days training on nutrition and social mapping for it’s project staff for fruitfully accomplishing this technical job.

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