Goat rearing program for ultra-poor households

6BEAM’s ultra-poor beneficiaries have shown tremendous successes in their goat rearing activities.  BEAM has provided goats to its 400 ultra-poor beneficiaries. Strategies of purchasing goats from local source, nominal cost sharing by the recipients, ensuring vaccination and de-worming measures, basic & refresher training on goat rearing has favored for a very successful intervention. A very low mortality rate (below 2.0%) has resulted to get an average of 2-fold productions from the distributed goats. Total goat lings produced in this reporting period is 1489, total goat lings sold is 770 and total taka received from goat-lings sale in this period is BDT 1906,492.00. The attached table shows some more details of BEAM’s goat rearing activities by it’s 400 ultra-poor beneficiaries.

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