Establishment of village model farms (VMFs)

2In early July BEAM has provided some let summer seeds to all 100 VMF owners to keep continuing of their gardening until winter season comes. And then in October, total 7 varieties of high quality winter vegetable seeds (red amaranth, radish, spinach, coriander, carrot, kangkong& bottle gourd have been distributed. The quantity of distributed seeds was around 000 kg. In addition BEAM has grown up and distributed about40,000vegetable seedlings of cauliflower, cabbage, knolkhol, tomato and eggplant to its 100 VMF owners. BEAM has grown up these good quality seedlings through some of its potential farmers within the project beneficiaries, provides them good quality seeds, and necessary technical inputs and then shared seedlings with them. This is to mention here that with this seed and seedlings BEAM female farmers have increased their garden land in this season. Through our observation it is found that average per capita gardening land was stood into 65 decimal than the average of last season garden size 45 decimal. In addition, more than 50% VFM owners have purchased some extra seeds and also used some of their own product seeds. Even some farmers have exchanged seeds with each other. In mid-July BEAM has distributed some fruit saplings toit’s VMF owners with a goal to increase nutritional source at their homesteads.Through this initiative each VMF owner has received some good quality fruit sapling like-2 grafted mango saplings (variety-Haribhanga and/or Amropali), 1 guava sapling (variety-Thaipeara) and 1 lemon sapling (variety-Kagozilebu) and planted very carefully. So at VMF the total distributed saplings were 8400. The survival rate of the planted saplings was almost 99%. It is expected that within next two years the fruit plants will add some nutrition at families. BEAM has conducted one field monitoring in September 2013 which could trace out some significant findings achieved by the VMFs. It showed that average per VMF’s last 2 months’ income from gardening was 5590 Tk and average income from poultry was 4344 Tk.

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