Vaccination on poultry and goats

5December-February is the most critical time for poultry birds to be out broken with different diseases especially the most ridiculous one is the ‘Ranikhet. Every year almost 70% of the poultry birds usually being attacked and damaged due to this disease outbreak. BEAM’s special success is there that it has developed 25 community vaccinators and through them BEAM has driven chain vaccination program throughout it’s catchment areas. Special drive was given in November-December across the communities of all working unions. Beneficiaries were asked not to sale their birds by being afraid of disease outbreak. During this reporting period around 363,732 poultry birds have been vaccinated and could have been saved from the destroyer diseases. It has built the confidence among the community people that epidemic can be prohibited by proper vaccination. The community vaccinators have played a vital role to conduct these massive vaccination programs and also to continue the schedule vaccination at their localities. Vaccinators charged a nominal fee of Tk 1.0-2.0 per chick) for the vaccinations and were able to use their earnings to purchase replacement stocks from the DLS. Beside of vaccination, vaccinators also keep and sell some regular medicines and de-worming tablets at community people. This event has brought the opportunity of IGAs for the vaccinators. For social acceptance and professional favor the project has provided vaccinator ID cards to it’s functional vaccinators.


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